HeartBlead atklāšanas dzimšanas diena

Izrādās, vakar bija HeartBlead atklāšanas dzimšanas diena.
Ieskatpilns komentārs no /.:

Heartblead could have been found earlier if the person writing the code for the heartbeat option had read the RFC describing the heartbeat option.
The RFC explicitly described the error case that resulted in the heartblead bug and said that the implementation SHOULD check for it.
This all gets wierder when you realise that the person who wrote the code was the same person who wrote the RFC.

Un domājot ar Blūmberga ziņām par to, ka no neatklājamiem insaideriem ir informācija, ka zināmu organizāciju rīcībā info par HeartBlead bija gandrīz kopš paša tās parādīšanās SSL..

OMG – this (absolute surveillance) is real!


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