Kas ir informācija?

Šodien sapratu, ka līdzīgi kā slašdotā, vikipēdijas galvenā vērtība slēpjas komentāros. Nebeidzams ieskatpilnas informācijas, prieka un izklaides avots. Piemēram:

“There is no reason that information cannot be an infinite sequence of symbols… >> I’m not sure that’s correct. An algorithm can produce an infinite string of symbols from a finite amount of information (e.g. PRINT SQRT(2)), but a sequence containing an infinite amount of information can’t exist in reality..”

“..information is change in entropy, and entropy is the sum or integral of p log p. The informal definition is a summary of what dictionaries say. For example. The American Heritage Dictionary 4th edition gives 7 definitions, which are knowledge, facts, data, numerical measures of uncertainty, and a legal definition (“a formal accusation of a crime”). Merriam Webster 3rd Unabridged gives 8 definitions, … Any of these sources would be preferable to the unsourced speculation that is currently in the first sentence of the article..”

“Any kind of knowledge about things, facts, concepts, etc. of a universe of dis-course that is exchangeable among users… This is not definition, it is just handwaving. ISO, a body of engineers, is incompetent in such a basic scientific topic as the definition of information..”

“If you don’t think my book belongs on the Further Reading list, don’t list it. But attacking me and then accusing me of attacking you is sheer hypocrisy..”

“The English speaking peasantry need to sharpen their thinking..”



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